Important information on your appointment for the United States

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(Plus the cost of vaccines that may be needed as the case may be).

  • Medical examination for people over 15 years old, US$255.2 (Mexican pesos only), the exchange rate of the day.*
  • Medical examinations for people under 14 years old, US$156.60 (Mexican pesos only), the exchange rate of the day.*
  • *Taxes included



    • Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards.
    • Payments in cash or by the bank (the account number will be provided once the medical examination is over).
    • No payments in dollars will be accepted.
    • Regardless of whether your appointment is in Cd. Juarez you can take the medical exams with us as they are valid.
    • We suggest you schedule your appointment 1 month in advance of your appointment at the Ciudad Juárez Consulate.

    IMPORTANT: The use of false vaccination documents represents the risk of significantly delaying the whole process, visa forfeiture, and exposes you to be charged with fraud; do not compromise the process of obtaining visa, let us know immediately if any of your documents is false.

    Before requesting an appointment, please consider the following:

    • To be sure your visa appointment is at the Embassy of Mexico City.
    • We suggest you schedule your appointment with 1 month in advance regarding your appointment at the Consulate in Ciudad Juarez.

    Before going to your appointment, please consider the following:

    • Fasting (NO LIQUIDS OR SOLIDS) for applicants over 15 years old.
    • For applicants over 15 years, our facilities the first urine of the day will be collected.
    • Showing up 10 minutes before the appointment time.
    • Applicants for women with children (as) recorded bring all dates of birth.
    • Bring home scored the E.U. where he lived and / will not visit.
    • Going to your appointment unaccompanied (except for children and adolescents under 18 years old, and people with either physical or mental disabilities).
    • If there is any physical condition, disability or previous psychiatric diagnosis, be sure to indicate this when registering your appointment.
    • Minors (from 2 to 14 years old) on the day of their appointment will be given a PPD test, due to which they will have to return at 48 hours to be checked by the vaccinator.

    Requirements for medical examination:

    • Quote Sheet issued by the Embassy, all pages with the names of each applicant (Immigrant Visa).
    • Enclosed envelope issued by the Embassy or Consulate (Non-immigrant Visa).
    • Valid passport (original and one copy).
    • Official and original vaccination primer, if any.
    • Passbook official original vaccination, if it has (under 15 is required to present).
    • If you need glasses, it is mandatory to present them at the time of the examination.
    • If you currently are or were under treatment for a specific disease within in the last six months, it is mandatory to submit medical report that includes diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. There is no need to stop daily dose.
    • Please wear comfortable clothes and no accessories.
    • Please take a shower before medical examination.
    • Consider that if you do not respect the conditions stipulated, we cannot guarantee delivery time.

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