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privacy policy

In accordance to the Federal Protection Law of Personal Data in possession of the individual Servicios Médicos de la Frontera, S.A. de C.V. addressed in 8950 Prol. Ramon Rivera Lara Avenue Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. We make knowledge that your personal data, inclusive your sensitive, capital and financial, collected or generated with the lending of services from this clinic by means of applications, electronic media, printed statements and videos in all its forms will be exclusively used and treated for purposes related to your medical health, as well as for the effective implementation of each and all obligations arose from such relationship, in the several professional, technical and health aids services that are involved in it, such as treating physicians, inter-consultants, support staff and the subsidiaries, affiliates or the society that conforms the clinic.

We inform that to limit the use and disclosure of your data, we will maintain policies and procedures of administrative security, internal, physical and technical confidence to transfer data, for the payment of services in favor held by third parties unrelated to this institution, with the ones that you have hired medical coverage services, may be included without limitation to the insurance companies. These will be treated under the terms provided by the Article 37 Fraction IV and VII.

Applicable to the law, assuming that the third receiver obligated operations responsibly and protecting the privacy thereof. On the same way your personal data inclusive the sensitive ones could be shared with Public Notaries and/or Lawyers of the clinic, generated of the legal acts provided from the services as well as the corresponding immigration institutions to the country that be applied.

The exercise of right of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition of your data can be on writing, as well as in any moment can be done a rescission of your consent ,pending any act with the clinic which should be done on writing, in the address mention beforehand, collecting the stamp in the reception in accordance to the applicable legislation.

If you do not expressed your opposition so your personal data be transferred, it would be understood that you have granted your consent for it, being valid for all the medical consultation services henceforth this institution receives, regardless why they granted the same.

Processing sensitive personal data. We inform you that to comply with the purposes set out in this notice, it will be collected and processed this personal sensitive data especially those that refer to or are linked to your present and future health. We reserve the right to make changes at any time or update this PRIVACY POLICY to the attention of legislative features, internal policies and/or new requirements for the lending of our services, which would be at your disposal in the web page or informed to you through any means of communication that we have with you. I give my consent so my personal sensitive data being treated according to the terms and conditions of the present PRIVACY POLICY.


Is necessary to reveal if you have done this medical exam before for the immigration of the United States o if you have any criminal record with the American or Mexican authorities.

Under the immigration law of the United States INA 221 (d), the applicants for a visa must submit to a physical and mental exam by a surgeon that has been authorized by the United States Consulate.

If you refuse to cooperate with the authorized surgeon, these services under discretion, health and security of the other applicants will be denied. The surgeons do not have the authority to deny the visa, but if the medical exam is not completed the United States consulate will not issue the visa.

Médicos Especializados Internacionales has no authorized legal representatives; if you require any information please contact the clinic directly.