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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Médicos Especializados Internacionales do not work with representatives and / or third parties, all the information about Medical Examinations, appointments and contact is direct between the clinic staff and the interested parties. Payments are made on the day of your appointment, none of our services are charged in advance. Doubts? Contact us by phone: 55 2624 0630 or through our contact form.

Exam Cost

USA Nonimmigrant Visa

Minor to 2 years: 150 usd + tax.
2 to 14 years: 193 usd + tax.
15 years or older: 235 usd + tax.
Prices in US dollars, exchange rate of the day. Exam costs plus the cost of necessary vaccinations as the case may be.
Date schedule:
Mon-Fri 7:00am - 11am
Adult Result: Can be same day.
Minor (2-14 years): The next day.
PAYMENT METHODS: Credit and debit cards (Visa and MasterCard). Payment in cash at the bank (the account number will be provided to you after the medical examination). Payments in dollars are not accepted.
  • Regardless of whether your appointment is in Cd. Juárez, you can take medical exams in Mexico City.
  • We suggest you schedule your appointment at most 1 month before your appointment at the Consulate of Ciudad Juárez.

Requirements for your medical exam:

  • Valid original passport and copy.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have received one or more vaccines against Covid-19, present proof of vaccination.

Before going to your appointment, consider:

  • Notify the clinic staff if the procedure has been carried out previously.
  • For applicants over 15 years of age, the first urine of the day will be collected at our facility. (It is recommended to go to the bathroom for the last time at 03:00 a.m.).
  • Show up 5 minutes before your appointment time.
  • For female applicants with children, bring all dates of birth noted.
  • Bring the address of E.U. where you will live or visit, personal email, contact telephone number and current address.
  • If you wear glasses it is necessary that you go with them.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing, no accessories.
  • Go to your appointment unaccompanied (except minors under 18 and people with disabilities).
Requirements for taking pictures:
  • Open collar.
  • Uncovered forehead and ears.
  • Hair tied.
  • No scarves, accessories and / or earrings.